What can we do?

We work in all fields of communication, promoting your company or institution in the communication media, designing its web page or creating advertising campaigns.

These are the most important areas of our work:

Press Office
We are a very experienced press office that seeks positive renown in the press, radio, television and internet (increasingly more pending on the social network and the "blogosphere").

Image and Communication
We concern ourselves with the image of your company or institution, setting into motion all the mechanisms within our scope. We create a Communication Plan for efficiency. We concern ourselves with internal communication (employees and internal public) as well as its visual identity (logotype and applications...).

Web Page Creation
We design and coordinate your web page. We already run quite a few.

We create and plan your advertising in any support (also online advertising of course).

Situations of crisis
Crisis office in press matters when everything is going wrong.

Organisation of events
We organise diverse events: pubic relations acts, conferences, seminars, talks and all kinds of activities.

Edition and publication of material: we produce catalogues, magazines and diverse material.


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